Crypto Service Providers

Blockchain Turkey Platform Crypto Service Providers Working Group works to discover the potential of crypto assets built on blockchain technology, which is rapidly developing and open to development in Turkey and globally, to determine the impact of this potential on innovative strategies in the industry and to guide future initiatives. The group carries out pioneering activities to determine the position and usability of crypto assets in the finance and technology sectors.

Although regulatory studies on crypto assets continue in Turkey, it is planned to advance the foreign legislation evaluation studies in force abroad with the joint research of the Crypto Service Providers Working Group and the Law and Regulation Working Group. Industry-leading studies and research are carried out to clarify unclear issues for Turkey. In particular, we strive to provide meticulous guidance so that the crypto asset trading platform and custody services, which are the most important areas of activity of crypto asset service providers, can be provided within a regulatory framework.

In this context; In order to focus the new projects planned on crypto assets and their developments on the right target, the technological infrastructure that leads to providing these services should be analyzed well. In line with this need, the Crypto Service Providers Working Group supports the technical knowledge, technological infrastructure and sectoral experience of crypto asset service providers to create an interaction environment within the legal limits expected to be foreseen.

The Crypto Service Providers Working Group will operate to organize platform meetings and events via the Blockchain Turkey Platform for all its objectives regarding crypto assets and the relevant sector.