Membership Application

Aren’t you a member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform yet?

Membership in the Blockchain Turkey Platform is open to all institutions who believe that blockchain technology will change the business world and societal interactions, and who want to play an active role in this change and lead the transformation in their sectors and business networks.

As a member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform, you can:

Play an important role in an active ecosystem and business network.
Join the Steering Committee and lead a Working Group.
Gain visibility in activities and on our website.
Establish consortiums and implement blockchain technology.

Blockchain Turkey Platform Membership

Membership Benefits Gold Platinum
Annual Membership Fee 1,700 USD
VAT Included
3,000 USD
VAT Included
Seat on the Steering Committee
(maximum of five)
Chair of a working group
Visibility at events
Visibility on the website
Seat on the Membership Committee
Participation in all platform events
Invitations to exclusive events
Participation in all working groups*

With the understanding that Blockchain is a “cypherpunk” technology and “hacker-culture” product, any member of a working group can propose to the group chairman that a certain start-up be invited to participate in one or more of the group’s efforts, specifying what he/she believes the start-up can contribute. If the chairman agrees, the start-up will become a “guest member” of the working group until the task(s) in question is completed.