BCTR Member Publications

Belgem.io – Blockchain for everyone

Launched by BKM, Microsoft and VeriPark, belgem.io stores the educational certificates on its safe and irrevocable blockchain infrastructure and allows the user to share them with any organization/individual they like.

In this report, you can find the details of our experience developing belgem.io. The platform will be open to institutions and individuals other than the BKM. We are excited by the way belgem.io can be utilized to make observations in a live environment.

Discovery: Secrets of Blockchain

Through the BBN app, BKM makes it possible for their employees to create digital identities through applications that they can install and use on their mobile devices, save them on the blockchain, earn points for completing tasks, transfer these points to other users, and buy the products in the application's store redeeming their points. With this set of operations, the concepts of distributed ledger and smart contracts, as well as digital identity have been incorporated. The loyalty points in the project were set up using cryptocurrency.

In this report, observations on this technology and significant findings for the next steps to be taken are shared by BKM.