Working Groups

Blockchain working groups comprising Platinum and Gold Blockchain Turkey Platform members will be formed on a sector (vertical) and/or issue (horizontal) basis with the approval of the Steering  Committee.

The purpose of these groups is to determine the needs, priorities and areas of use in different verticals and horizontals; prepare a variety of reports; if possible, carry out pilot projects; and draw up recommendations for the Steering  Committee on what the priorities of public sector institutions, lawmakers and regulators should be with respect to the sector or issue in question.

With the understanding that Blockchain is a “cypherpunk” technology and “hacker-culture” product, any member of a working group can propose to the group chairman that a certain start-up be invited to participate in one or more of the group’s efforts, specifying what he/she believes the start-up can contribute. If the chairman agrees, the start-up will become a “guest member” of the working group until the task(s) in question is completed.