Glossary Study for Blockchain Technology

As Blockchain Turkey Platform, we have prepared the ‘Glossary for Blockchain Technology’ by the aim of creating a common language in the blockchain world with the terminology list below that consists of main terms regarding blockchain technology and applications developed with this technology. New terms to show up or new meanings attributed to current terms will be followed up, and the terms in our work will be updated from time to time.

Digital ID Report

The report explains why the use of digital IDs is important and identifies the necessary stakeholders based on use cases to make such an ecosystem work. As mentioned in the report, there is a place for digital IDs in all sectors and digital IDs can have even greater impact if stakeholders from the public sphere and the private sector come together.

Blockchain Regulations in the World Report

With this report comparatively prepared by Blockchain Turkey Platform, we present the world-wide regulations on blockchain technology to the attentions of our readers. Within the scope of the study, we have outlined the current legislative studies that are currently in preparation and completed in the world, together with their application areas that we encounter today. Ultimately, we, as Blockchain Turkey Platform, completed our study by presenting our opinions on the need for a regulation and policies that needs to be adopted, regarding the blockchain technology, to the attention of our readers.

Conceptual Architecture for Blockchain Report

It will be useful to initially see blockchain as a solution and then to be able to assess strategies and alternatives for this solution on the basis of a common framework. For this purpose, it was aimed to create a reference architecture definition for blockchain.

Know Your Supplier Report

Buyers need to assiduously gather information on suppliers when choosing a supplier and work to get the necessary approvals in place after requesting many documents to sign on a supplier. In turn, suppliers have to reach potential clients, make a name for themselves in the sector and gain clients’ trust. BCTR’s manufacturing, logistics and transportation working group proposes a blockchain-based supplier exploration platform to solve these difficulties. Using this platform, buyers and suppliers will be able to find each other easily and quickly prepare and verify any required documents.